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Components for LON-CAPA
Component Default Owner

Authoring raeburn@msu.edu
Anything dealing with creating new resources, the construction space interface, etc. Please note: RAT reports should be set to that component.

Communication Tools raeburn@msu.edu
The messages and message reading interfaces internal to the system, and the external email gateways.

Documentation raeburn@msu.edu
Documenting user functionality from the top-level interface down to, algorithmically, what each software component does.

Dom Coord Interface raeburn@msu.edu
Things like create course.

Filesystem Handling raeburn@msu.edu
Controlling a computer system where every single file, directory, and link can be fully and completely accounted for and instantaneously updated from the LON-CAPA software source tree. Additionally, this software component includes the handling of software packages. For RedHat, packages are RPMS. For Debian, packages are DPKGS.

General User Interface raeburn@msu.edu
This is for aspects of the system that are both student and instructor parts, like Nav maps, etc.

Grading Interface raeburn@msu.edu
The variuos interface to assing or modifying grades. PGRD and is associated screens.

Groups raeburn@msu.edu
Group tools and functionality.

Homework raeburn@msu.edu
Homework engine

Installation raeburn@msu.edu
Installation and setiup of a lon-capa server.

Instructor Interface raeburn@msu.edu
Aspects of the interface the instructor sees

Internals raeburn@msu.edu
Defects or enhancements needed by the non visible sections of the system, server communication, resource replication, data storage, etc.

Internationalization raeburn@msu.edu
Maing LON-CAPA speak and work with an interface and resources in languages other than English.

Mathematics Engine raeburn@msu.edu
MuPAD and the gateway to it and from it, for use in grading homework, and generating homework.

Printing raeburn@msu.edu
Any aspects of the system that generates the printed output of resources in the system.

Project Administration, Technical raeburn@msu.edu
Technical duties and tasks associated with general project administration.

Randomized Plots raeburn@msu.edu
allows one to generate plots on the fly that can be randomized per student.

RAT & DOCS raeburn@msu.edu
Resource Assembly Tool and DOCS button, interface which allows the user to combine resources in sequences or pages.

Remote Control And Navigation raeburn@msu.edu
Any bugs about the remote control and attempts to navigate inside the system.

Searching raeburn@msu.edu
The searching for resources, display of search results, MySQL, lonsql.

Spreadsheet raeburn@msu.edu
Course, student, and assessment spreadsheets. If it says 'Spreadsheet' at the top, this is the category for you!

Statistics and Charts raeburn@msu.edu
All instructor summary data, and statistics information.

Student Interface raeburn@msu.edu
Aspects of the interface the student sees.

System Administration raeburn@msu.edu
Scripts and interfaces to handle the configuration, monitoring, network services, data backups, and process status on a LON-CAPA server.

Text Interface raeburn@msu.edu
Textual interface to LON-CAPA

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